Bible Prophecies Confirmed by History and Archaeology

At this year’s 115th Annual Interior Provincial Exhibition (IPE), the Okanagan Christadelphians will be sharing some exciting facts about the prophecies of Daniel that have been confirmed by history and archaeology. What makes these facts even more exciting is what Daniel prophecies would happen next!!!

ipeStop by our booth in the Horticulture building, and test your Bible knowledge with our computer-based Bible quiz!

Interested in more information? Sign up for an online or in-person course here.


Learn to Read the Bible – at the IPE!

At this year’s Interior Provincial Exhibition (IPE), located in Armstrong, British Colombia, the Okanagan Christadelphians are sponsoring a booth to advertise our FREE Bible Course!


Learn to Read the Bible – 6 Week Seminar

These concise and informative sessions are delivered in a friendly and encouraging environment. They are designed to equip you with the skills and background you need to understand the Holy Scriptures for yourself. Whether or not you are already familiar with the Bible, you will come away with a deeper appreciation of its vital message, lots of information (a free binder of materials is provided) and new energy to begin reading the Bible regularly and effectively!

Exciting 6 Week Seminar Starting September 10, 2013

  • Tuesday nights beginning September 10th at 7:30pm

Here are some of the things we will cover:

  • How to prove for yourself that the Bible is God’s Word of Truth
  • How to read the Bible with care and accuracy
  • Understand the scripture of the Bible and its key patterns
  • Why two Testaments? Are both relevant today?
  • The origin of the Bible and its practical message
  • What happens at death?
  • Who are the Jews? Why are they so important in the Bible?
  • What the Bible says about the source of evil in the world
  • How to use cross-references, a concordance and a lexicon
  • Much, much more!

The Book that Changed the World

Relevant. Reliable. Read it!

Please join us for an interactive and informative exhibition chronicling the events leading to the translation of the King James Version of the English Bible, as well as the effect that this book has had on Culture, Language and History.

All Presentations and Exhibits are FREE and Open to the Public!

Centennial Hall
3120 Pleasant Valley Rd.,
Armstrong, BC
  • Friday, Oct. 19: 3pm-9pm
  • Saturday, Oct. 20: 9am-9pm
  • Sunday, Oct. 21: 1pm-7pm

Exhibit Highlights

    • Free Informative Handbook
    • Audio/Video/Digital Presentations
    • The KJV and the Jewish Nation
    • Effect on Language and Culture
    • Shakespeare and the KJV
    • History of the Printing Press & More!
Interesting for all ages, and a special area just for the kids!